AutoCAD Mechanical Online Training

 This course demonstrates the main features of AutoCAD Mechanical. Understand how to use the core design tools (Power Snap, Rectangles, Hatch, Fillet, Chamfers, Centerlines, Construction, and Lines) to create and modify geometry in your drawings. Discover how to place and edit dimensions using annotation tools (Power Dimensions, Automatic Dimensions, Mechanical Symbols, Editing Dimensions, and Hole Charts). Comprehend how to access and use the time saving power tools (Power Edit, Power Erase, Power View, Power Recall, and Power Copy). Work with the BOM database to view / add parts list, part references and balloons to your drawings. Access and insert standard mechanical content into your designs (Standard Fasteners, Standard Features, Screw Connections, Component Generators, Calculators, and Springs). Delve into how to use the IGES translator using a simple example. Other tools (Mechanical Structure Concept, Layer Groups, Part Reference, and Associative Hide) are introduced for working WITHOUT Mechanical structure. Users with previous AutoCAD experience will understand the benefits and appreciate the time saving utilities of AutoCAD Mechanical.

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Autodesk Inventor 2012 Update from 2011

This course will guide users making the transition from Autodesk Inventor 2011 to 2012. After completing this course, users will learn to use the enhancements user interface, including the Marking Menus, Enhanced Mini-Toolbars, Dynamic Sectioning, and Custom User Interface Forms. Describe sketching and modeling enhancements including enhancements to data import and export. Also learn about enhanced interoperability with AutoCAD and other 3D formats as well as new Sustainability tools.

 1. User Interface and Productivity

Course Introduction, User Interface and Productivity, Inventor Help Experience, Marking Menu Introduction, Marking Menu Procedure, Marking Menu Project, Dialog Boxes, Select Other - Behavior, Enhanced Mini-Toolbars, Enhanced Mini-Toolbars Procedure, Dynamic Sectioning, Dynamic Sectioning Procedure, Dynamic Sectioning Project, Visual Styles Description, Visual Styles Procedure, Visual Styles Project, Extended Feature Names, Extended Feature Names Procedure, Extended Feature Names Project, High Speed Drawing Views, Change View Orientation, Rotate Drawing Views with Sketches, Drawing Views Procedure, Drawing Views Project, Origin Mark for Ordinate Dimension Sets, Wizard to Copy iLogic Designs, Custom User Interface Forms, Custom User Interface Forms Project

2. Enhanced Modeling

Enhanced Modeling, 2D Sketch, 2D Sketch Project, Boundary Patch Command, Boundary Patch Command Procedure, Boundary Patch Command Project, G2 Variable Radius Fillets, G2 Variable Radius Fillets Procedure, G2 Variable Radius Fillets Project, Edit Alias Freeform Body, Edit Alias Freeform Body Procedure, Edit Alias Freeform Body Project, Mirror Fillets, Mirror Fillets Project, Face Draft Enhancements, Face Draft Enhancements Project, Display Failed Feature, Display Failed Feature, Procedure, Boss Enhancements, Boss Enhancements Project, Project to 3D Sketch, Project to 3D Sketch Procedure, Project to 3D Sketch Project, Rib Enhancements, Rib Enhancements Project, Sweep Along Edge, Sweep Along Edge Procedure, Sweep Along Edge Project, Design View Representations in Parts, Design View Representations in Parts Procedure, Design View Representations in Parts Project, 

3. Interoperability
Interoperability, AutoCAD Import, Updated Translators, Model Repair Tools, Rhino File Translation, Rhino File Translation Procedure, Rhino File Translation Project, BIM Exchange, OmniClass Table, BIM Exchange Procedure, BIM Connectors, BIM Connectors Procedure, BIM Project,

4. Sustainability

Sustainability, Eco Materials Adviser, Eco Materials Adviser Project

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Autodesk 3ds Max 2012: Online Training

Course Topic Overview

This online training course is designed to teach the essentials of using Autodesk 3ds Max. Each unit topic will provide you with comprehensive lessons, detailed procedures and lots of projects to apply your knowledge. Some of the topics covered in this course are: navigating the user interface; fundamental concepts; principles of object creation; 3D scene lighting concepts; rendering setup techniques; basics of Animation.

 Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 Online Training: Detail course contents & cost involved.

Autodesk Alias 2012: Online Training

What is Autodesk Alias?

Autodesk Alias is a industrial design software, which powers your creative design process with industry-leading surfacing capabilities supported by best-in-class sketching, modeling, and visualization tools that help you create innovative designs faster than your competition. Built especially for industrial designers and creative professionals, Autodesk Alias products Autodesk Alias Design, Autodesk Alias Surface, and Autodesk Alias Automotive software provide the advanced capabilities you need, from concept design for consumer product development to Class-A surfacing for automotive design.
Course Topic Overview:

The Autodesk Alias Essentials training course is designed for users who want to learn the essential tools and concepts of the software. Users will learn how to navigate the user interface and use basic object selection methods, build and control simple primitives, use construction options to create designs, create and use curves and circles in designs, and learn about surface editing tools and techniques. The course has comprehensive lessons and provides users many projects to apply what they have learned.

Autodesk Showcase 2012: Online Training

What is Autodesk Showcase? 

Autodesk Showcase real-time 3D presentation and rendering software offers architects, designers, engineers, and managers the ability to quickly and easily transform digital prototypes or architectural designs into compelling imagery, movies, and real-time presentations. With Showcase, creating high-value, interactive design reviews, stunning marketing materials, and convincing sales pitches is as simple as a few clicks. 

Course Topic Overview:

In this training, you will learn the fundamentals of using Showcase effectively, starting from an introduction of Showcases environment, through all steps required to transform CAD geometry into real-time marketing assets. Course topics include reading data, environments, ambient shadows, materials, alternatives, shots, images and movies, lights, behaviors, ray tracing and creating custom environments.

AutoCAD Electrical 2012: Online Training

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Course Topic Overview


After completing the AutoCAD Electrical Essentials for New Users course, you will be able to navigate the user interface and follow basic electrical design workflows, manage projects, manage multiple drawing and inter-drawing relationships in projects, insert wires, add wire numbers, manage circuits, and create point-to-point wiring diagrams and drawings, insert and annotate schematic symbols, edit drawings with commands, extract information for Bill of Materials and Wiring, and create and annotate panel layout drawings, including using the Terminal Strip Editor.

AutoCAD Online Training

Course Topic Overview

The AutoCAD online training course will teach new users on how to effectively get started with AutoCAD. After completing this course, you will be able to navigate the interface and perform basic commands, create basic drawings, manipulate objects, organize drawings and inquiry commands, alter objects, work with layouts, annotate drawings, work with dimensioning, hatching objects, work with reusable content, create additional drawings objects, plot your drawings, and create drawing templates. This course is also good for experienced users to freshen up on their AutoCAD skills. Users will be presented with detailed lessons, procedures and projects to practice what you have learned.

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